Monday, February 19, 2018

Week 66

Wow what a week this has been I can´t believe I have made it to transfers again. I feel like my comp just got here. Just so everyone knows. I got transferred out of my area. But the crazy thing is that I get to train a new missionary and I get to white out an area (which means there were sisters there but now they are putting in 2 new elders that know nothing of the area). It is going to be quite the adventure. I am super sad to be leaving here though. There are so many great people here that I am going to miss. Sorry I don´t have much time but there are so many miracles here in Argentina.
Love you all lots.
Elder Black

Monday, February 12, 2018

Week 65

What a week of travels this week has been. I had to go all the way to Salta on Monday for a leaders conference. That was actually super cool. Tuesday in the morning we got a bunch of people together and played soccer at 5 in the morning before we had our conference. The conference was super long so I didn't get back to San Miguel til 12:30 at night. I couldn't make the 2.5 hour bus trip back to my area so I got to stay the night with one of my old comps Elder Mora. Then the next day we headed back to my area. We also had interviews this week so I had to make the 2.5 hour trip right back to San Miguel the next day because we had interviews with our mission president as well. I managed to break some spokes on my bike so we of course had to walk on the hottest day in the week. The work here has been progressing a lot and we are seeing miracles every day.
Love and miss you all lots.
Elder Black

Monday, February 5, 2018

Week 64

What a crazy week I had. Lots of service and lots of rain. Today I am writing a bit earlier because I have got a meeting in Salta that I have to travel to so I am leaving my area at 1 today. This week was awesome me and my companion bought machetes the other day and got to use them a bunch this week. We cleaned up a sisters back yard. I had to climb onto an 8 foot wall so I could de-limb her tree that was growing into her neighbor´s yard. We also had to clean up a little part behind the church because it was growing super tall. We had divisions on Wednesday. I got to go with Elder Benites to his area in Conepcion. It ended up raining a bunch and as soon as we left for lunch and I hadn't even brought a coat. I ended up getting soaked in about 30 seconds because it was just dumping. But after I got soaked the rest of the bike ride was fun. We also helped the Elders in Aguilares change houses. That was interesting because their house had a super tight spiral staircase going up to it so we ended up having to lift everything up to the top floor, including the fridge. After that it got really hot again and we started wishing for the rain. I know this is the Lords work and I love it here.
Love and miss you all so much.
Elder Black

Monday, January 29, 2018

Week 63

How goes everyone? I am doing great. This week we had a conference with our mission presidente and we got to see all the other missionaries from Tucuman. I also got to try ceviche which is pretty good. It is a dish from Peru with fish that is cooked using lemon juice no mas. There was also hot peppers fish and squid it actually wasn't all that bad. We also had some service this week and we cut a ton of weeds with machetes it was super fun just super hot. It finally rained this week and I got soaked coming home from church because we were riding our bikes and it suddenly got a heck of a lot rainier then when we left.
Love and miss everyone lots.
Elder Black


Monday, January 22, 2018

Week 62

Wow it has been a bit crazy here. I have been absolutely dying from the heat. Everyone keeps telling us it is going to rain the next day and it only gets hotter and hotter every time. today I turned 20 and that is super weird I am no longer a teenager anymore. I am getting along really well with my companion. This week my companion some how busted 5 spokes on his rear wheel while riding it so we spent a lot of time at the bike shop. Today we played soccer and and elder cooked for us. I don't got much else to say but I miss everyone a ton and I hope everyone is enjoying the cold for me.
Love you all lots.
Elder Black

Monday, January 15, 2018

Week 61

Wow it has been a while. This week was a little hard for me but we are still working hard. My companion is called Elder Hanson and he is super awesome. We didn't do much for P-day today. We were going to go to a fair but it didn't exist or we couldn't find it. All of our investigators seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. Our ward also had its temple trip and it was super great to see a family who was able to get sealed together this last week. Sorry I don´t got much to say but I finally got some pictures downloaded so here you all go.
Love and miss you lots.
Elder Black

Monday, January 8, 2018

Week 60

Well I don't have much time again today because we had transfers. I got a new companion this week called Elder Hanson. He is from Utah and is the first white person I have lived with in almost a year. Transfers were crazy and we almost had to stay in San Miguel de Tucuman because there wasn't any transport to get back to my area because people were protesting something about the buses so there wasn't a single bus. I have a whole bunch of pictures but the internet here is super bad and I will have to try to upload them later. This week has been a bit hard for me I have been thinking a lot in the the plan that God has for us. And I remember a family I was talking to the other day said something that really stuck to me. It isn't that LDS members don't get sad when people pass away. We still do, but it doesn't consume us because we know that there is something better after this life and that it is really just a goodbye. Goodbyes hurt but aren't permanent and this has been helping me out a lot this week. Love and miss you all lots and thanks for all of the emails.
Love  Elder Black