Monday, June 18, 2018

Week 83

This week was crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Lots of traveling again and it is still cold outside. The major event this week was that we had a conference with a 70, Elder Packer, son of the apostle. It was great accept that it was in Jujuy which is a 7 hour bus ride. We left Tuesday and didn't get in till late. Then on Wednesday my comp had a musical number that went well. We had a leader meeting first so there were just 8 of us with the 70 which was cool. We then had a conference and then we had to go home. The problem was that there was a holiday in  our city so no buses went so we ended up taking one at 1 in the morning meaning we didn't get back to my area till almost 7. That was a long day. The rest of the week went well. I have been eating like crazy because my comp goes home this week and all the members give us a bunch of food. We got to play soccer today for P-day and that was a lot of fun.
Love and miss you guys lots
Elder Black
Here are some pictures from the conference we had. And here was our winning soccer team.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Week 82

This was a weird week I had p day on Tuesday and then Wednesday it was still super cold out side. Thursday we went to Aguaray and we had splits with the elders there. That night we headed out to Salvador Mazza to do divisions with them as well, so we wouldn't have to travel twice. That went well just me and my comp almost froze to death in their house because there wasn't any heaters and the blankets were super thin. After that we had splits and I got to work in Salvador Mazza. It is literally only a bridge away from Bolivia. We came back that night and the Elders from Aguaray came to visit because they hadn't power in their house for almost a week and they needed to practice for a musical number that is going to happen in this next conference this Wednesday. Also I just heard today that my brother got his mission call and is going to Guadalajara Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Crazy stuff.
Well Love and miss you all lots.
Elder Black

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Week 81

Well Sorry this is a bit late but I had interviews and had to go to Pichanal yesterday. So I have P-day today!!! The interviews went well and I got to see a couple of members from my old area which was cool. I spent this week freezing my butt off and it was awesome. The weather has finally cooled off for a while so I have been walking around in a coat and hat all day. I had forgotten how great the cold is. This week we also had a baptism of a little girl who is super great. She is only 8 but is more excited to go to church then anyone I have ever seen.
Love and miss you all lots
Elder Black

Monday, May 28, 2018

Week 80

Well this has been a crazy couple of weeks. I am doing well I love my new area in Tartagal. It is in the north of Argentina.  My companion is Elder McGrath. He is from Tennessee and is super tall almost 6.5. We get along well and are working super hard. This week we had to go to Oran for a conference which sucked because we had to get up super early to get there. It is still pretty hot here although when the sun goes down it gets cold.
Love and miss you all lots
Elder Black

Monday, May 21, 2018

Week 79

Sorry I don't have much time just wanted to let everyone know I am alive I got moved to Tartagal which is a long trip on a bus and I now have to be zone leader. Love everyone lots and I promise my next email will be better I am just super busy.

Love Elder Black

Monday, May 7, 2018

Week 77

Finally a bit of cold has come it was cold and rainy for almost all of this week. This week was fun. Tuesday was day of the worker which means no one works and everyone drinks a lot. It was interesting because all the drunk people want to talk with the missionaries. I actually got a little lost this week because some one told us that a recent convert lived in the first purple house on the right and when we walked down the road there wan´t a single purple house and we ended up in the middle of nowhere. This week was Star Wars day so I walked around quoting that all day. I had to finally get a pair of my shoes resoled because they died. But the soles aren't nearly as comfortable as before. This Sunday for mothers day I get to call my family. It will be the last time before I go home. Today for p-day we went to the soccer field here for the big team in Tucuman called Atletico Tucuman. They let us go in and take pictures. Love you all lots
Elder Black 

Monday, April 30, 2018

Week 76

I decided I am done with the heat I want to go back to the freezing cold. It has been ridiculously hot this last week and it has worn me out. Everyone says that it should be getting colder soon but it hasn't yet. This P-day was fun we completed our district goal for baptisms so we visited a lake here in Tucuman. It was pretty cool I just would have liked to swim because it is still hot out. We had our zone conference this week and our mission presidente talked about how the temple is here spiritually even though it isn't physically here and how we need to work to edify it. Also I finally got one of my packages that was sent in January. From my grandma. Well love and miss you lots
Elder Black