Monday, October 23, 2017

Week 49

This week has been a bit stressful but everything went well. The weather got super weird. One day it was about 110 to 113 and then the next day it got super windy and rained in the night. The rain was nice because we actually had a cool day this week. The other day I went out on our balcony and there was a bird stuck in a pot of water we had out there. I emptied out the water and then left for a bit and he was gone but I got a couple of good pictures. This Thursday for our activity we played a version of LDS jeopardy and that was actually pretty fun because we were all learning things that we didn't know. We also had service this week helping someone cut the weeds in their lawn. It turned out that their weeds were super short and that I don't even think they needed to be cut, but we did it anyway in the blazing hot sun. My arms have actually gotten super tan these last couple of weeks and it has surprised me a bit. Love and miss everyone lots.
Elder Black
My companion and I

The bird I helped

One of the last Reese's that I had it was almost a year old

A kitten I was playing with

My coin collection that I now have coins from 6 different countries

Monday, October 16, 2017

Week 48

Como estan todos? This week was super crazy with transfers and a lot of stuff that happened but in the end I am still in the lovely town of Pichanal. I am now the District leader here, That means that I am responsible for 6 other missionaries instead of just my self, and I got a new companion Elder Herrera. If you see some pictures and he looks familiar it is because he was one of the missionaries living with me in my old area but we were never companions. This week was astounding. My Zone leader just got called to be a asistente, and we finally had our intraviastas with our mission president. This week we also helped a couple get married and it was amazing how everything just ended up working out. The very next day we had her baptism and that was amazing. Oh also happy mothers day to all the mothers out here because this Sunday was mothers day here in Argentina. This P-day my companion wasn't leaving until later in the day so we went and visited a river with some members and crossed a train track bridge and just relaxed. 
Love and miss you all lots
Elder Black


Monday, October 9, 2017

Week 47

¿Como Estan? The rain has finally arrived. We woke up to the rain lightly falling. It is supposed to rain all this week. We didn't end up doing much this P-day because of the rain. We had plans to visit the tropic of Capericorn but the member that was going to take us couldn't go today. I crossed the line to go to Oran but we wanted to stand with one foot on either side of the line. This week was pretty great we had a trip to Salta because my companion needed to make special soles for his shoes. We left the house at 2 in morning because it was just going to be a day trip. It sucked because in the middle of our 4 hour trip they woke us up and made us get off the bus to check our bags. After that we had a pretty easy trip. We got super lucky because we were getting a birth certificate for someone so they could get married and we had the wrong day for our appointment but by a miracle we were able to get the paperwork. We visited the old area of my companion to eat lunch. Then we came back home. We also had splits this week with the Elders from Embarcacion and I got to be with a new missionary who couldn't talk at all, but Elder Dotson is super awesome. We had a lot of fun. Love and miss you all lots.
Elder Black

A little snake we found

My district

A really good lunch

Some ties I bought in Salta

Monday, October 2, 2017

Week 46

This week was super great with general conference and everything. The talks there were super awesome and I think my favorite session was the Saturday morning one. The weather got super windy for a couple of days and we were worried that we were going to lose electricity and not be able to watch the conference. This week we also got some rain and cold. I was super happy for that because it has been a long time since it has rained here. We have plans to help one of the members get married to his girlfriend and then she wants to get baptized afterwards. I went on splits this Tuesday with our Zone leaders. It was super hot that day and we were dying walking the streets of Oran, but we had an experience really awesome where someone hadn't been to church in a year but just 2 days earlier started praying that someone would come and help her back to church. Then the next morning we woke up super early to play soccer as our exercise with the other Elders of Oran. While we were in Oran we were getting a couple of papers for the couple that is getting married and that took forever we waited in line for almost 2 hours just for that. Well I love and miss everyone a ton.
Elder Black
The very end of Pichanal

My provision to make it through the priesthood session at 9 at night.

The very end of Pichanal

A huge lunch

Monday, September 25, 2017

Week 45

This week was super awesome. I am a bit late today and don´t have much time but we had 2 baptisms this week of some of the most awesome people I have met in the mission. Also we had a zone conference and for P day we visited an old area of my companion and ate and played some soccer.  Love you all lots and I am sorry this is so short.
Love Elder Black
Zone conference

Our baptism

A chick at an investigator's house


Someone driving their motorcycle with 2 people and a washing machine.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Week 44

This week went really well. It wasn't too hot or too cold it was just right. This week we had an activity where everyone made food from other countries and I made some snickerdoodle for everyone. They actually turned out pretty good even though I had to make some adjustments to the recipe. I think that more than anything they just needed some more flour, but since they all got eaten I don´t think there was too much of a problem. Someone gave us a fish this week so my companion cooked that up for the activity. This week we also had a huge conference in Salta where over half of the missionaries met in one spot so that we could listen to Elder Bragg who is a member of the 70's. I got to sleep in my old house from when I was serving in Salta. I liked it a lot as well because I got to see all my friends from the mission. This week I was reminded of how lucky I am to live in the USA because we just found an investigator who is living with his wife in a building that is about 15 feet by 6 feet and it was really sad to see how poor they were but the cool thing is that they are still super happy. Well I miss everyone lots and I have a lot of fotos this week.
Love Elder Black