Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 34

Well the weeks just keep flying by and I can´t believe I am writing everyone again This week was pretty great even if I didn't do anything for the fourth of July. I tried to get some fireworks but didn't find any. This week I made a bunch of pancakes for our district meeting and then right after our meeting I went on splits in Colonia which is the area right next to mine. There is more mud in that area and I left there super muddy. Then the next day we had some service bringing firewood to a members house but there was a bunch of mosquito things that look exactly like fruit flies but when they bite you they leave a mark like a mosquito but with a little dot of blood in the middle. They also itch way more than a normal bite and my legs had a lot of them. We also had a family home evening in the church that was super awesome because we had a lot of people show up. Then that night right afterwards we traveled to Oran and slept at the zone leaders because we had a zone conference with our new mission president.  Well I actually have a couple of pictures now.
They are of my zone conference and the new mission president. The water I have here in Pichanal, a birthday party I went to and a giant papaya. 
Love and miss you all lots.
Elder Black​​​