Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 35

Another week that flew by and right now I have 8 months in the mission which means I am a third of the way done. That is super crazy because I don´t feel like I have been out here for that long. This week was pretty successful and we have a baptism planned for this next week. This kid has been coming to church with only his 12 year old brother and they are super inspiring. A few strange things happened this week like when we were doing service this week somehow all of the power to the town was cut for about an hour or two, but we were in a super dark neighborhood and it was late so we had to find our way to a place with more light til the power came back. One member made us some really good ribs the other day and he always gives us huge plates and then starts putting more on when we finish. I was so full that day. We also had a family home evening at the church and for this my companion and I did acting of different people from the scriptures. My companion was Ammon and I was Alma the younger. It actually turned out really well and there were quite a few people there. I miss you all so much.
Elder Black​​​​​​

A birthday party that I went to

Some really good food called locro

Our zone after playing soccer all this morning.