Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 38

I don´t know why but the weeks here in Pichanal pass by much quicker than the ones I had in Mitre. I can´t believe it is time to write everyone again. Well for this week I ate really well. Almost every day I wrote about food in my journal. My companion worked as a chef in his home so I let him cook whenever we have to cook and it usually turns out well. This week I got to go on splits with the Elders from Colonia and I got to visit Colonia with Elder Brady. He is super awesome but was a little scared to be the one leading his area because he is pretty new, but we had a lot of fun and only got lost a couple of times. We also had our Zone conference this week so all in all I didn't spend a whole lot of time in my area. Also one day we got locked in the church because there are two doors to leave the church and one of them wasn't working and we don´t have a key. But someone let us in and then shut the door behind us because we don´t have that key, but we found out that our key to the other door doesn't work from the inside. We ended up having to call someone to let us out of the church.
Love and miss everyone lots.
Elder Black

Zone Conference

Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 37

This week was super great. It didn't start out super great because my companion, Elder Mora, didn't get in to our bus station until 3:00 in the morning Tuesday. I didn't get much sleep that night. We finally got permission to baptize one of our investigators, so we were able to have a baptism this week. Since my companion left I have to lead the area and that went pretty well I only got lost a couple of times, but I eventually fond my way to the right house. Thursday we had karaoke for our branch activity and there were 25 people that showed up which is great because usually less then that go to church. I had to sing in English but it was super fun. We had a baptism this week but  it almost didn't happen because the font broke while we were filling it. In the morning only 3 hours before the baptism the weight of the water broke the bars holding up the sides of the pool and fulled the church with all the water inside. We had to clean that all up and start filling it up again but we had to use a bunch old parts that didn't work very well. In the end a member had to hold up one side while we preformed the baptism but it all ended well because we were able to baptize him.
Well I love and miss you all lots.
Elder Black​​

Karaoke Night


Iron bars that broke on baptismal font

The baptismal font

Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 36

Today was transfers and that went pretty well. My companion is going to another area and I am staying here, but my new companion doesn't arrive until 1200 tonight so the other Elders are staying with me so I am not alone. This week went by super fast. We had an activity at the church where we had a white elephant exchange and that went really well and there were a bunch of people that showed up. We didn't end up having our baptism this week because the mother of our investigator wants for him to learn more before we can baptize him. Also this week there were a lot of people at church for once and it didn't feel as empty.  I forgot my camera today so I don't have any new pictures but I love and miss everyone lots.
Elder Black

Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 35

Another week that flew by and right now I have 8 months in the mission which means I am a third of the way done. That is super crazy because I don´t feel like I have been out here for that long. This week was pretty successful and we have a baptism planned for this next week. This kid has been coming to church with only his 12 year old brother and they are super inspiring. A few strange things happened this week like when we were doing service this week somehow all of the power to the town was cut for about an hour or two, but we were in a super dark neighborhood and it was late so we had to find our way to a place with more light til the power came back. One member made us some really good ribs the other day and he always gives us huge plates and then starts putting more on when we finish. I was so full that day. We also had a family home evening at the church and for this my companion and I did acting of different people from the scriptures. My companion was Ammon and I was Alma the younger. It actually turned out really well and there were quite a few people there. I miss you all so much.
Elder Black​​​​​​

A birthday party that I went to

Some really good food called locro

Our zone after playing soccer all this morning.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 34

Well the weeks just keep flying by and I can´t believe I am writing everyone again This week was pretty great even if I didn't do anything for the fourth of July. I tried to get some fireworks but didn't find any. This week I made a bunch of pancakes for our district meeting and then right after our meeting I went on splits in Colonia which is the area right next to mine. There is more mud in that area and I left there super muddy. Then the next day we had some service bringing firewood to a members house but there was a bunch of mosquito things that look exactly like fruit flies but when they bite you they leave a mark like a mosquito but with a little dot of blood in the middle. They also itch way more than a normal bite and my legs had a lot of them. We also had a family home evening in the church that was super awesome because we had a lot of people show up. Then that night right afterwards we traveled to Oran and slept at the zone leaders because we had a zone conference with our new mission president.  Well I actually have a couple of pictures now.
They are of my zone conference and the new mission president. The water I have here in Pichanal, a birthday party I went to and a giant papaya. 
Love and miss you all lots.
Elder Black​​​


Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 33

Well this was super fast. I feel like I was just writing everyone. This week has been pretty good. There was a bit of rain this week and it hasn't been super hot here. This week it was my companions turn to be sick so that  wasn't the greatest but he is better now. This Sunday all of the town didn't have power because a truck hit the power lines which was bad and we only had the sacrament during church and then everyone went home, but there were even less people at church this week because it was raining a little bit. We officially have a new mission president but I haven´t met the new one yet. I think we are going to have a conference with him this week. This p day we went to Colonia del rosa which is a town 20 minutes down the road to play soccer with the elders there. This week I also ate some strange things. I had these stuffed pepper things that were super good but it actually wasn't a pepper that was stuffed it was just a vegetable that looked sort of like a pepper but its seeds looked like burnt bark chips and that was really weird. I also ate a papaya that was as big as my head and a lemon that was the diameter of a quarter. Well that's all for now I love and miss everyone lots and make sure you launch lots of fireworks for me. Happy 4th of July.
Elder Black

Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 32

I hope everyone is doing well. I love all of the Emails and pictures that I have gotten this week. It has been super hot here, but not as hot as White Salmon, but it doesn't feel at all like winter. This week we had our last conference with our mission president. He leaves this week to go back to his home and a new one will come this week. It was really great though and he talked about the book of Mormon and its importance in the church and the lives of our investigators. We did a lot of walking again but it was all good. This Sunday we had 17 people come to church including the missionaries. This is a really small branch. It was also my companions birthday this Sunday and he got two cakes that were super delicious. This p-day we went to Oran, which is the "big" city close to us to play soccer. That was fun and there were a lot of members that came to play with us which is always great. But yeah that was my week. I forgot to take pictures this week but I will try to take some next week.
Love and miss you all lots.
Elder Black

Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 31

Feliz dia de el padre. This week has been pretty great for those of you who don´t remember I am now in a little town called Pichanal. It is hot here. I have only had to use a long sleeve shirt one day when there was a bunch of wind. It was a big difference coming from a big ward to a little branch but it is also really nice. This week I had my companion cut my hair and that went well. I also walked a ton because all of our people we are teaching are on different parts of the town, but the good thing is that it is super flat here. You can see mountains wayyyyyy off in the distance but other than that it is completely level. I also got sick for the first time in basically all my mission. On Friday I woke up in the early morning and started puking. So I couldn't do much that day besides lie in my bed and hope for it to pass. This Sunday I had to give a talk and that went well there were less than 20 people at church but everyone is super nice there. I didn't sleep much Saturday night because we live in Centro which is the middle of the city and there are about 3 or 4 clubs that are super close and there were a bunch of people partying right outside our house. Today for my P day we went to the other elders house and there we played soccer with a bunch of members. That was pretty fun as well. I still don´t have the thing to send my fotos but  I am working on that.
Well I love and miss everyone a ton.
Elder Black
Hey I used the adapter of my companion and I have a few pictures.  All of them but one are from my other area the one with the street view is the new view from my new house.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 30

Well transfers came and went and I finally moved areas. Right now I am technically still in the providence Salta but I am in a little town that is called Pichanal. My companion also left the area and they closed our area so now Elder Fuentes has all of Mitre 1 and Mitre 2. I had to ride for almost 4 hours in a bus to get to my area and my new companion is called Elder Diamantino. He seems to be pretty great. All of the members were sad to see me go. I am sorry I still can't send pictures but my thingy to read my memory card isn't working right now and I need to buy a new one. Well I am sorry that I don't have more to write but I will be better next week.
Love and miss you lots.
Elder Black

Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 29

Well another week has gone by and I have no idea where it went. This week was freaking cold so very very cold it actually got below freezing one day and that was interesting. This week we had a lot of lessons to teach but  unfortunately no one showed up to church this Sunday. I am almost 100% sure I am going to get moved this next week because I have been in this area for almost 6 months now. I had to get my flu shot today which was sucky but not all that bad. I am having a hard time remembering my week but I am sorry there aren't any pictures. I broke my SD card reader so I can´t connect my camera to the computer but I think I will buy one this week. We also had interviews with the mission president and that was nice but this is going to be his last week in the mission because we are getting a new president the next week. Well that is all for now sorry I can´t remember much.
Elder Black

Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 28

Well hello family and friends how are you? This week was super fast and I can´t believe it is over already. There was a lot of good things that happened this week. We had a bunch of service. It was funny because our leader de distrito was praying to have service and now we have more then we can do. This week we helped paint a house and move 300 concrete bricks up a huge hill. The hill was super steep and it took us over 5 hours to move them all. We had to split it into 2 different day.  We also had an open house at the church and that went really well. There were a bunch of members that helped out and quite a few investigators showed up. I had to be in white clothes and was talking about baptism and the Holy Ghost but I was super cold the entire time. I have still been getting up early with my companion to go to physical therapy so I have been super sleepy this entire week. I was also surprised by how cold it was this week.
Well I love and miss you lots!
Elder Black

Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 27

Well I don´t have much time to write and I am really sorry but I love and miss you all lots.
Elder Black

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 26

How is all going? This week has been pretty good. For those of you who don't know this week was mothers day and I got to call my family for that. It was pretty great but it was actually really hard to talk to them in English I kept speaking in Spanish. Also another adventure this week is I broke my seat post in half because it got super bent by another elder and then after riding it for a while it started bending more and more until it almost broke.We  also had a zone conference this week and it is the last one for our mission president because he leave this transfer. Also we had a lot of service this week because one of the recent converts in the other missionaries area house burnt down so we went a helped them out a lot. It was really sad because we help move out almost all of their stuff that had burnt. Well I think that is all of my interesting stories for the week.
I love and miss you all lots.
Elder Black

Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 25

Well all of the members in this ward were super happy that I didn't change areas which is great. This week has been a bit long because Elder Fuentes is training a new missionary and he snores really loud. Really really loud. So I haven´t been sleeping very well but luckily I remembered that my dad had sent ear plugs for Christmas that I almost threw away in the MTC but still had so one night in the middle of the night I got up and I started digging though my luggage to find these earplugs so that I could actually sleep. After that I started sleeping a lot better. This week has been fun though there is a new missionary and he is latino de Buenos Aires but he doesn't know too much about the mission so we have been having fun teaching him things. Today we convinced him that the red side of a rubix cube was harder to start then all the other sides. Today for p-day we played soccer I almost got knocked out because I got tripped and smacked my head against the ground and then right after that I ran into one of the goal posts. But it was really fun and I am fine now.
Well I miss you all lots
Elder Black


Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 24

Well this week has been pretty great but I don't have much time to write so sorry but I will try to give the highlights of the week. First I am still in Mitre I didn't end up changing areas which is awesome because I love the people here. I am staying with Elder Osorio. I actually got bitten by a dog but luckily it just bit my shoe and nothing else. Our leader missional got his call today and he is going to Lima Peru for his mission. Today we had an activity with the sacerdocio because it was a holiday and we played soccer in the hot hot sun. Well I have to go sorry this is a bit rushed.
Love and miss you all
Elder Black    

Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 23

Last week of the transfer and I might be moving on to another place next week. Just so you don´t worry I might not be able to write everyone next week because it is very likely that I will be traveling to a different location. I am really excited to move and I am going to be really sad to leave the wonderful people I have come to love here in Barrio Mitre. Well this week passed by really quick. We have more members that are coming to lessons with us and that is great. My Spanish is getting more comfortable but I still ask everyone I talk to to correct me when I say something wrong. We had one family came to church this week and it was super great because usually we have to pass by for them and they are sleeping and they are really late but this week they came by themselves and they were almost on time. It has been wonderful to see the progression of people here and how happy they are hearing about the gospel. This week the hermanas cooked pizza for the district meeting and that was super good. This P-day we went on a hike in the hills of Salta to a place called la cerro de la virgen. It was pretty interesting and some people kept telling us that we needed to be more quiet. We were going to eat at the top but there were a bunch of signs saying that it was prohibited. The other parts of this week were really good.  We taught a bunch of lessons and met a lot of really cool people.
I love and miss you all lots.
Elder Black


Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 22

Happy late Easter........This week has been awesome here. The weather has been really warm in the days and cold at night. I end almost every day with a sweater now. This week we found a bunch of new people to teach this week and the members of the ward are starting to help us out a lot more. Things that happened this week. I went on splits with Elder Fuentes and almost every appointment crashed then we got a door slammed in our face but then we went to walk away someone else left the house to talk with us. It was really weird. We also had interviews with the president this week but they were super late and we almost missed lunch because of it. It was a pain in the butt to get our lunches organized this week and I spent almost an hour on the phone calling different people one morning. Since it was Easter this week some members gave us little chocolate eggs to eat that were really pretty and delicious.  Well my SD card once again won´t connect to the computer so I can't send pictures....sorry.
Well I love you all lots.
Elder Black

Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 21

Well I am apologizing beforehand because right now I can't remember too much of my week but we rode the bikes a lot. We had a baptism this week of a little 8 year old called Abigail. She has wanted to be baptized for the last 6 weeks but she need extra care while being taught because she doesn't learn very fast. Today I ate some really good food called locro. It is a soup thing with pork and noodles and squash and sausage and lentils and it was really good. It has been really cold for the past couple of days and I have had to leave the house with a sweater almost every night. One day I was really tired so I decided to have my studies outside because it was really nice and bright and hard to fall asleep. Another day I took the extra mattresses out of our room and used them to study as well in the kitchen. The elders cooked for the district meeting this week and it took forever to cook and we made almost every dish in the house dirty in the process.
Well I love you all lots and miss you too.
Elder Black
Elder Black's pants after their muddy bike ride.

The mud from their trip up to "the hills" from last week.

The Elders cooking for their district meeting.

Elder Osorio from Paraguay