Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 15???

Well I am beginning to forget how many week I have here. This week went by super fast. I feel like I was just writing. I closed my eyes and now I am here. My companion only has 3 weeks before he goes home and he is both really sad and really excited. I have been doing really well this week. It rained really hard two days here and I got super wet. I can tell that it is changing to fall because it has started to rain 2 times every week. This week I went to a new part of the area that I have never been to before and it was really high and I could look down and see all of my area. It was super pretty. I actually saw the autodromo, Car race track, but there was no one on it besides some horses. I learned how to make empanadas today and they are super delicious. Elder Fuentes the other elder in our house had his one year anniversary and he burned a shirt for that and I have a video but I can't get my SD card to work again because I am in a different lugar because it is carneval and everything is closed today. Well I miss you all so much.
Con Amor
Elder Black

Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 14

Hola todos,
I once again forgot my paper and I will have to try to remember what happened. This P-Day we didn't do much because Elder Barboza had medical and the doctor wasn't even there. This week went by really fast. Our recently baptized covert Luis has made friends with his neighbor who is a inactive and Luis brought him to church. I was really happy this week because we had almost 10 inactives and less actives come to church. I had a zone conference where the president of the mission came and talked to us and this is my second one in the mission and the difference in what I could understand was amazing. I could basically understand all of what was being said and the last time I barely understood the prayer. We had service this week at our ward mission leaders house and he told us that he just finished putting in his paper to go on his mission. He is 24 and a convert of 1 year 3 months. There was a huge rain storm that flooded all of the streets that was super awesome and we were walking down the street in the middle of a lightning storm. Also we had to move our new fridge and oven into our house so I can cook again YAHHH.... Food. Hmmm What else..... I got my camera memory to work again so I will try to send as many pictures as possible. It is amazing here and I miss you all so much.
Love Elder Black

My District



Elder Barboza and friend

Baptism Day

This is me and Elder Fuentes moving our kitchen in the back of a truck going really fast and it almost fell out a lot of times.

My trip to McDonald's and the best McFlurry I have ever eaten.


Baptism Day


My 3 kilos of dulce de leche.

The best meal I have had so far in Argentina.

The Hospital

The member that we did service for.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 13

Well I accidentally lost the paper with what happened this week so I will try to make it up by memory.
This week was pretty good. We didn't have a lot of time to work because we changed houses and that took up almost 2 days of the week. But this Saturday we had a baptism which is super awesome. I got to baptize him because Elder Barbozas arm still isn't functioning 100%. Lets see. We were actually early to church on Sunday because all of our investigators besides 3 couldn't make it.  I visited a McDonald today and had one of the best McFlurries ever. I also cut my hair because it was realllllyyyy long. Hmmmmmm I don´t remember too much but I learned how to solve a rubix cube and I cut my finger with my knife already. The youth here have the oportunidad to serve a mini mission for 2 to 3 weeks where they live and are the companion to a real missionary. I know that this work is so important and I know that there are so many people just waiting to here the gospel. It is something really special to watch the change in a persons life as they come to accept the gospel of Christ in their life. I helped contact our baptism, Luis, and watched him grow in the gospel that I know is true. Well I miss and love you all lots.
Elder Black

Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 12

Well I am really short on time and I might not have time to write everyone but here was my week. I made it through my first transfer in the field and it was much faster than in the MTC.

Now we can't use bikes anymore and we use buses called collectivos and they are so slow.  Today was the last district meeting with this district but I can't upload pictures because the computers here suck. 
We had a really good and busy day today with 6 lessons and one really serious one about baptism. I heard the song Big in Japan today and Alphaville was so out of place here. 
I still haven't grown to like planning but it went well. I got to plan in my new planner and Elder Barboza planned in his last planner. One of our investigators got married today and he is now ready to be baptized. 
We had service where we moved a bunch of dirt again but we found a new house and we move in there on Monday. I met another drunk man that I couldn't understand and when I was watching the district today it switched to Spanish and it took me almost 30 seconds to realize it switched languages.
I cleaned the baptism font and one of our investigators gained a testimony of the prophet which is awesome, but he was worried he had to cut his hair to be a member. 
 Elder Dobson is leaving and I am super sad about that because he was awesome but he is going to be zone leader in Tucuman. We had 7 investigators come to church which is crazy and it was raining today and that was really nice and refreshing.
I know that the gospel blesses families and that our families are bound for eternity. 
Miss you all so much 
Elder Black 
P.S. I still can't get my pictures to upload sorry