Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 23

Last week of the transfer and I might be moving on to another place next week. Just so you don´t worry I might not be able to write everyone next week because it is very likely that I will be traveling to a different location. I am really excited to move and I am going to be really sad to leave the wonderful people I have come to love here in Barrio Mitre. Well this week passed by really quick. We have more members that are coming to lessons with us and that is great. My Spanish is getting more comfortable but I still ask everyone I talk to to correct me when I say something wrong. We had one family came to church this week and it was super great because usually we have to pass by for them and they are sleeping and they are really late but this week they came by themselves and they were almost on time. It has been wonderful to see the progression of people here and how happy they are hearing about the gospel. This week the hermanas cooked pizza for the district meeting and that was super good. This P-day we went on a hike in the hills of Salta to a place called la cerro de la virgen. It was pretty interesting and some people kept telling us that we needed to be more quiet. We were going to eat at the top but there were a bunch of signs saying that it was prohibited. The other parts of this week were really good.  We taught a bunch of lessons and met a lot of really cool people.
I love and miss you all lots.
Elder Black


Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 22

Happy late Easter........This week has been awesome here. The weather has been really warm in the days and cold at night. I end almost every day with a sweater now. This week we found a bunch of new people to teach this week and the members of the ward are starting to help us out a lot more. Things that happened this week. I went on splits with Elder Fuentes and almost every appointment crashed then we got a door slammed in our face but then we went to walk away someone else left the house to talk with us. It was really weird. We also had interviews with the president this week but they were super late and we almost missed lunch because of it. It was a pain in the butt to get our lunches organized this week and I spent almost an hour on the phone calling different people one morning. Since it was Easter this week some members gave us little chocolate eggs to eat that were really pretty and delicious.  Well my SD card once again won´t connect to the computer so I can't send pictures....sorry.
Well I love you all lots.
Elder Black

Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 21

Well I am apologizing beforehand because right now I can't remember too much of my week but we rode the bikes a lot. We had a baptism this week of a little 8 year old called Abigail. She has wanted to be baptized for the last 6 weeks but she need extra care while being taught because she doesn't learn very fast. Today I ate some really good food called locro. It is a soup thing with pork and noodles and squash and sausage and lentils and it was really good. It has been really cold for the past couple of days and I have had to leave the house with a sweater almost every night. One day I was really tired so I decided to have my studies outside because it was really nice and bright and hard to fall asleep. Another day I took the extra mattresses out of our room and used them to study as well in the kitchen. The elders cooked for the district meeting this week and it took forever to cook and we made almost every dish in the house dirty in the process.
Well I love you all lots and miss you too.
Elder Black
Elder Black's pants after their muddy bike ride.

The mud from their trip up to "the hills" from last week.

The Elders cooking for their district meeting.

Elder Osorio from Paraguay


Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 20

Well this week was one of strange weather. It rained almost everyday but then after the rain by the afternoon it was super sunny and hot and then by the night again it would start to rain again. It feels a lot like home but my companion thinks that it is really weird and strange. This week went really well I don´t remember too much but I do have one good story. So it had just rained and we were going to an investigator that lives in the neighborhood literally called "the hills" and we called and she said the roads were really ugly and we probably shouldn't come. But we didn't have anyone else to visit so we decided to go, but my companion wanted to use bikes so after talking for awhile I said oh fine lets use them.....biggest mistake ever. As we pushed the bikes up the hill they got so muddy in between the front fork and rear triangle that the wheels literally stopped spinning. We had to pick them up and carry them because they wouldn't roll. I have pictures of this but I forgot my camera. Also I got to watch the general conference in English which was awesome because all the gringos had a room where we talked English all day.
Well I miss and love everyone lots.
Elder Black