Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 33

Well this was super fast. I feel like I was just writing everyone. This week has been pretty good. There was a bit of rain this week and it hasn't been super hot here. This week it was my companions turn to be sick so that  wasn't the greatest but he is better now. This Sunday all of the town didn't have power because a truck hit the power lines which was bad and we only had the sacrament during church and then everyone went home, but there were even less people at church this week because it was raining a little bit. We officially have a new mission president but I haven´t met the new one yet. I think we are going to have a conference with him this week. This p day we went to Colonia del rosa which is a town 20 minutes down the road to play soccer with the elders there. This week I also ate some strange things. I had these stuffed pepper things that were super good but it actually wasn't a pepper that was stuffed it was just a vegetable that looked sort of like a pepper but its seeds looked like burnt bark chips and that was really weird. I also ate a papaya that was as big as my head and a lemon that was the diameter of a quarter. Well that's all for now I love and miss everyone lots and make sure you launch lots of fireworks for me. Happy 4th of July.
Elder Black